Democritus University of Thrace

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Yannis L. Karnavas, Assoc. Professor, Director of the MSc program, karnavas (at)
Nick Papanikolaou, Professor, npapanik (at)
Yiannis Boutalis, Professor, ybout (at)
Elias B. Kosmatopoulos, Professor, kosmatop (at)
Nikolaos Mitianoudis, Assoc. Professor, nmitiano (at)
Spyridon G. Mouroutsos, Professor, sgmour (at)
Theofilos Papadopoulos, Assoc. Professor, thpapad (at)
Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Professor, gsirak (at)

Department of Production and Management Engineering

Antonios Gasteratos, Professor, agaster (at)

National Technical University of Athens

School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

John Prousalidis, Professor, jprousal (at)
Dimitrios Lyridis, Assoc. Professor, dsvlr (at)

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ioannis Gonos, Professor, igonos (at)
Antonios Kladas, Professor, kladasel (at)

University of Patras

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Epaminondas Mitronikas, Assoc. Professor, e.mitronikas (at)

University of Thessaly

Department οf Informatics and Telecommunications

Theodoros Tsiftsis, Assoc. Professor, tsiftsis (at)

Ionian University

Department of Environment of Ionian University

Anastasios Kyritsis, Assist. Professor, kyritsis (at)

CY Cergy Paris University

Department of Computer Science

Dimitris Kotzinos, Professor, Dimitrios.Kotzinos (at) (invited lectures)